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Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria and home to many high-tech companies and research institutes. With its large city wall and castle, it is also a major tourist attraction. Since its foundation in the 11th century, Nuremberg has played an important role in the development of science, arts and engineering. Many museums and historic sites give insight into its diverse and colorful past with very bright and very dark episodes, from the creation of the first pocket watches in the Renaissance era to the Nazi rallies and the Nuremberg Trials of the 20th century. Nuremberg is easy to reach by train, car and airplane and offers accommodation to affordable prices, making it a perfect location for a scientific conference.

Conference venue


The conference venue is at Findelgasse 7, right in the city center of Nuremberg, surrounded by beautiful medieval town architecture at the banks of the river Pegniz. A subway station is nearby.  Many different hotels and the main railway station can be reached by foot in 10 - 15 minutes.



The fPET Industry Jam will take place at the open innovation laboratory JOSEPHS, Karl-Grillenberger-Str. 3. (entrance at the coffee shop). The evening reception on the first day will take place at Theater Salz und Pfeffer, Frauentorgraben 73. Both are in about 10min walking distance from Findelgasse 7.


There are many hotels in walking distance from the conference venue, including five-star hotels as well as simple hostels. Based on the feedback of previous guests at our university, we can recommend the following establishments. If you arrive by car, parking might be a little problem, but you can always use one of the public garages

Le Meridien Grand Hotel

Five-star luxury next to the railway station. You can’t do anything wrong here. However, all the traffic around it may not give you the same feeling that you get inside the city wall. (Bahnhofstraße 1-3)

Hotel Drei Raben

Small hotel in the pedestrian zone with four-star service which left all our previous guests very satisfied. No air condition. When asked, the concierge will explain you in great detail why it is not necessary. (Königstraße. 63)


Arguably the best location that you can get in Nuremberg with the castle right around the corner. Be aware that you have to walk downhill to the conference venue and up again in the evening, which might be a little exhausting. (Neutormauer 32)

Burghotel Nürnberg

Also a great location up the hill in the direction to the castle. You may have to look twice to find it. Seems to be underrated with three stars. All amenities, family-run. (Lammsgasse 3)

Hotel Lucas

Another small one. Beautifully located near the river and pretty close to the conference venue. Enjoys popularity among younger guests. Three stars, at times a little unconventional. (Kaiserstraße 22)

IBIS Nürnberg Altstadt

French chain, simple standard, no surprises. Be sure you don’t get confused with other hotels of the same chain in different parts of the city. (Königstraße 74)

Five Reasons Hostel & Hotel

Simple hostel, right next to the small street where Nuremberg looks for a few metres a little bit like certain parts of Amsterdam. If you don’t mind, it’s a quite decent and conveniently located place to stay. (Frauentormauer 42)

Travelling to Nuremberg

by plane

Nuremberg has its own airport with direct flights to all major European hubs except Heathrow. The airport is connected by subway to the city centre. If you travel via Frankfurt or Munich, you can also use the train to get to Nuremberg. However, it will probably cost you much more, except when you buy train and airplane tickets together.

by train

There are direct trains going from Nuremberg to Munich and Berlin at least every hour during daytime. Travelling from Berlin, you will need almost five hours. (Some train tickets allow you to make stops in between. Use this to have a look at Leipzig, Halle or Bamberg on the way.) Nuremberg and Munich are much closer together; you will need less than two hours for the trip from one to the other. The same is true if you travel from Frankfurt International Airport or downtown Frankfurt, but the trains are less frequent. Be sure to book your ticket in advance, it can be considerably cheaper.

by bus

Traveling by bus may be an alternative, especially for a philosopher’s buget. Germany has just started to create regular inter-city bus links a few years ago and prices are still pretty low. You may need some time to find a suitable connection on the internet, but it’s worth a try.

by car

Going by car is also an option, especially if you want to find out how it feels to go really fast on the German Autobahn and to be overtaken by someone else going even faster. In any case, you will be slower that the train or the airplane. You should also keep in mind that car rental and fuel costs are quite considerable. If you want to see the countryside (which is worth it), a car will, of course, be the most convenient solution.

Travel Information